3 Quick Toddler Approved Easter Eggs

Photo by Ksenia Chernaya on Pexels.com

I have to admit I’ve never been an Easter egg decorating enthusiast. The truth is if I’m going to put effort into a holiday activity or tradition I want it to be worth my time and bring me joy. Decorating Easter eggs doesn’t check off either of those for me. However, my children do enjoy it, and I have gained a new appreciation for Easter egg decorating watching our teenagers decorate eggs with our toddler. It fills my heart with joy to watch them together, and it truly is an activity that enriches development. Below are my three favorite ways to decorate Easter eggs with a toddler.


Creating shimmer eggs with a small plastic egg facilitates bilateral integration by using both hands together to complete a task. I also love the auditory (hearing) and tactile (touching) senses incorporated during this activity.




Using stickers to decorate Easter eggs strengthens and coordinates the small muscles in hands and helps to develop a pincer grasp. Incorporate body awareness by picking facial expression stickers such as the ones below to create small Easter egg characters.

Small stickers may be found at multiple stores such as Amazon, Target, Walmart, and the Dollar Store.

Or just allow your toddler to decorate however they like with Easter or Spring stickers.



I love using plastic eggs from a developmental standpoint because fun is always motivating for kids. Let’s be honest, simply finding and opening plastic Easter eggs is F-U-N!

Depending on the size of your plastic eggs you may be able to fit surprises such as stickers, playdough, a favorite toddler bracelet, or small character.

For older children and teens coins and dollar bills may be a favorite find.

After their Easter eggs are decorated they will enjoy hunting for the eggs, and you will be happy that the hunt itself is developing your toddler’s visual-perceptual and gross motor skills.

Being moms ourselves and working with thousands of parents and their children, we understand and appreciate the chaos of a busy life. Remember, all your children need are your love and time. Do activities with your children that also bring you joy.


Your Nurture Notetakers

Kim Bandi, OTR/L

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