5 Ways To Enrich Your Toddler’s Bedtime Without Books

Incorporating books into your nightly routine is a great way to not only wind down after a long day but also a great way to expand language. But- what do you do if your child is just not into a book every night? Here are 5 alternatives to a nighttime book that are calming AND still give plenty of opportunity for language development. 

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Grow Your Child’s Speech and Language Skills With Books

Books are an easy and accessible way to expand your child’s language skills. Through the beauty of books you can build on background knowledge, teach basic concepts, vocabulary, and sequencing. How amazing is that? All from books.

March is read across America month. Started in 1998 by the National Education Association to encourage reading, the movement was inspired by the birthdate of Dr. Seuss. Although many of Dr. Seuss’s books are much too long to keep this speech therapist’s attention, there are some real gems among his collection. Below is my fav.

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Snow Much Fun

We are definitely ready for Elsa to bring back summer, but in the meantime, enjoy the health benefits of just being outside in the fresh air; it’s an easy way to promote the overall development of your children. Providing these opportunities to play outside naturally engages their senses, speech, and motor development at the very least.

Facilitate Development

The Sunshine Vitamin, brought to you by Nurture Notetakers Alison Unger, a Registered Dietitian and Danielle Kinney, a Pediatric and Integrative Nutrition student.

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